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Original Acrylic Painting by Arkael

Product no.: Paint 001

Original acrylic paiting by Arkael of Cameroon

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Delivery weight: 10 lb

Hand Made Brass Fulani Earrings 3"

Product no.: Ear006

Hand Made Brass Fulani Earrings 3"

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Delivery weight: 1 lb

Tuareg Silver ringed necklace

Product no.: neck0008
Delivery weight: 3 lb

Mud Cloth Dashiki "GYE NYAME"

Product no.: clomud-dash0004

Mudcloth Dashiki Top "GYE NYAME" size 2X - 3X
Stunning, striking, and guaranteed to catch the eye. Rich, warm earth tones of genuine African mudcloth glorify the intensity of African style. Here's your opportunity to own popular, one of a kind clothing with pride. Made in Mali

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Delivery weight: 5 lb

Ibo (Igbo) mask

Product no.: 057

Ibo (Igbo) - used in MMO or MWO secret society funtions - Nigeria

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Handmade leather purse

Product no.: acc016

Hand made leather fringed purse Mali

Delivery weight: 3 lb

Short Mud Cloth Coat "Rust"

Product no.: clo-coat001

Just in time for winter. Authentic, rust colored Mudcloth was used to create this lavish, short length coat.  Completely one-of-a-kind mudcloth and has a soft swing style. Hand-painted designs that are all done by different artists, making each coat completely unique. 

Delivery weight: 3 lb

Beaded necklace

Product no.: neck0012

Beaded necklace (28 inches)

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Delivery weight: 2 lb

Oxidized Copper Bracelet

Product no.: brac021
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